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Christianity is so OUT

While I was attending my weekly dose of Fire and Brimstone (aka church), I heard for the first time someone "talking in tongues." This basically is someone who has a "gift" for talking in an unwritten, presumably biblical language, and usually is translated in the first person. Again, it isn't widespread and not everyone who can speak in tongues can translate it. Supposedly from God.

That got me thinking - is this anything like speaking Parsletongue? (Harry Potter) It's supposedly a "gift", but don't go begging for it, right?

This was preceded by an hour long talk about why homosexuality is bad. The pastor encouraged the entire congregation to sign a petition to amend Oregon's marriage law and make it say specifically "man and wife." And then he talked some more about how homosexuality is wrong and then he went on say specifically that you should not interact with anyone who isn't a christian. Seriously, no joke. After the first part about the petition I had tears in my eyes and I wanted to get up and leave, but a) where the hell would I go?, b) how the hell would I get there, and c) what would happen with my relationship with Kathy?

Some time soon I gotta tell her that it just isn't for me. She signed the petition after the service.

*le sigh*
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