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Screw Elitist Bastards...

and they can go to hell.

Huh. Guess I'm a little more stressed about this whole almost dying thing than I let on.

But in other fantastic news, I met a swell person today and I like her lots and can't wait to meet her in person.

I realized a bunch of somethings today. One of which is that for so long, I thought it was always the other person doing me wrong and out to get me, when it really is me just being a bitch and needing everything done the way I want it, when I want it, and I feel violated if things deviate from what I deem fit. Well, you know what? a) you sure as hell aren't going to feel better about anything unless specifically stated, and b) the other half has exactly the same amount of say in an action as you do (unless you are getting raped and/or killed, which hasn't happened to me lateley and by lately I mean ever), and c) I'm a big overanalyzing moron. And this was all basically rolled into one something that I realized.

I bought my mom both OTR CD's and she sent me an e card and we made up. It's harder to stay mad at her than it is to actually tell her ouch and get it over with. Despite both her and my faults, I love her lots and I don't think I could ever stay mad at her for too incredibly long.

Speaking of OTR, while watching them today, I realized a few other somethings, which I really don't have the energy to discuss with the keyboard at the moment. But I am sooo proud of Joanna someone or other (from OMB/winterguard/common grounds), cuz she made it into Divisi! But the whole point of this topic was to revel in the fact that Cody from OTR has fannish twenty-something teeny boppers that I had to sit by today and listen in disgust. Not that he's probably not a really great guy and he has pretty eyes and such, but seriously. This isn't *NSYNC ( or is it?).

And and and I am six earrings lighter. Yay for change.
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