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I need a hug. :-/

Had a fight with my mom. I think she said the worst and most hurtful thing she could have ever said to me at that moment. Gah. I was gonna try to go home on memorial day. But fuck that. I don't want to see her now.

An entire weekend and I will stay on/near campus. By choice, I suppose,although I really wish I were going somewhere fantastic and exotic. I wish a lot of things. Suffice to say, none of it is happening right now.

Feeling incredibly self-conscious/down/hurt/confused/worried. I need OTR. But oh, no! Regardless of the fact that he just made OTR, I still think he's kind of a stuck up bitch.

And something else really minor and stupid has me all in a huff and I'm even too embarrassed to mention it. Just know that some people are incredibly stupid/self-centered/ridiculous and I can't believe I wasted an hour of my life attempting to join the ranks. Fuck everything.

Really, I don't have a terrible life. I suppose. Just frustrated, really.

But I'm excited about...just kidding. seeing B and OTR and getting done with my test is really all that's motivating me today. Hopefully it will be everything I envisioned and thensome. huh...over and out.
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