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I can hear my neighbors having sex. So I will do
Stolen from Beth
What time is it now?:: 11:29 AM
Your full name:: Amelia Laine Worth
Age:: 20
Height:: about 5'1"
Natural hair colour:: mousey brown
Eye colour:: brown
Number of siblings:: zip. zero. zilch.
Glasses/contacts?:: both.
Piercings:: 14. If you can name them all, I will give you a yummy chocolate treat. I promise!
Tattoos:: two. a butterfly and vanity. I mean unity. :-)
Braces?:: some day

Colour:: purple
Band:: hanson
Song:: Elias by dispatch
Stuffed animal:: Kiki. My mommy gave him to me.
Video game:: DDR. :-)
TV show:: ER or Malcomb in the Middle
Movie:: currently? Peter Pan
Book:: Gone With the Wind
Food:: pretty much tofu anything
Game on a cell phone:: meh. snake, I guess
CD cover:: that's kind of a stupid question
Flower:: really really dark purple tulips
Scent:: early summer mornings. And boy.
Animal:: monkeys
Comic book:: book of bunny suicides. :-)
Cereal:: kix.
Website:: lj, hands down
Cartoon:: oh god...umm...King of the Hill. :-)

Play an instrument?:: oui. trumpet and french horn
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?:: hell no
Like to sing?::when sarah's not home, I sing in the shower.
Have a job?:: kind of. I still have my job, although not at the moment
Have a cell phone?:: yes. It's usually some shade of purple.
Like to play sports?:: most of the time
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:: Yes :-)
Have a crush on someone?:: oui
Live somewhere NOT in the united states?:: no
Have more than 5 TVs in your house?:: we barely even have one. haha
Have any special talents/skills?:: I might be able to kick your ass, is that a talent? Some people laugh at the stuff that I say, so that might be misconstrued as a talent as well
Excercise daily?:: I don't really think I am supposed to
Like school?:: yeah. it's better than a kick in the face, I suppose

Sing the alphabet backwards?:: I don't have that much extra time on my hands
Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes?:: I used to
Speak any other languages?:: I can speak franglish
Go a day without food?:: no. I'm a pig
Stay up for more than 24 hours?:: More to the point: am I willing to do so? No.
Read music, not just tabs?:: yes. haha. I can't read tabs
Roll your tongue?:: yes
Eat a whole pizza?:: no. I'm a goner after four slices

Snuck out of the house?:: no
Cried to get out of trouble?:: probably.
Gotten lost in your city?:: have you ever BEEN to coos bay?
Seen a shooting star?:: yes.
Been to any other countries besides the united states?:: Nope. I'm not that cool.
Had a serious surgery?:: nope, but I've had lots of tubes put in me.
Stolen something important to someone else?:: was tyler buxton really that important in 8th grade?
Solved a rubiks cube?:: In theory
Gone out in public in your pajamas?:: yes. I'm addicted to my sweat pants and built in tank tops
Cried over a girl?:: yes. girls are bitches. You heard it here first
Cried over a boy?:: :-( yes
Kissed a random stranger?:: yes
Hugged a random stranger?:: yes
Been in a fist fight?:: yes
Been arrested?:: no
Done drugs?:: define drugs. probably yes
Had alcohol?:: yes
Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?:: not milk.
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator?:: yes. buttons are my weakness
Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?:: probably
Swore at your parents?:: yes
Been to warped tour?:: nope
Kicked a guy where it hurts?:: when I was little. And in karate
Been in love?:: yes
Been close to love?:: yes
Been to a casino?:: yes. Even gambling
Ran over an animal and killed it?:: OMG that is so sad
Broken a bone?:: yes - nose
Gotten stitches?::as of late, many
Had a waterballoon fight in winter?:: OMG. no
Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour?:: wow. ew
Made homemade muffins?:: yes
Bitten someone?:: haha. YES
Been to disneyland/disneyworld?:: yes
More than 5 times?:: nope. I suck
Been to niagra falls?:: only in the womb
Burped in someones face?:: come on. It's ME
Gotten the chicken pox?:: yes

Brushed your teeth:: last night. thanks for reminding me
Went to the bathroom:: probably a half hour ago. Smallest. Bladder. Ever.
Saw a movie in theaters:: Butterfly effect with Bryon
Read a book:: I'm in the middle of about 5 books currently
Had a snow day:: during the big snowstorm this year. SOOO much fun!
Had a party:: a week ago. We have lots in these parts
Had a slumber party:: :-( Can't remember!
Made fun of someone:: huh. not quite sure.
Tripped in front of someone:: yesterday
Went to the grocery store:: last week maybe?
Got sick:: yesterday
Cursed:: don't remember

Fruit/vegetables:: fruit
Black/white:: black
Lights on/lights off:: lights off
TV/movie:: huh. depends
Car/truck:: car
Body spray/lotion:: body spray
Cash/check:: cash
Pillows/blankets:: blankets.
Headache/stomach ache:: stomach ache.
Paint/charcoal:: paint
Chinese food/mexican food:: at least chinese food doesn't give you gut bomb
Summer/winter:: summer!
Snow/rain:: SNOW!!
Fog/misty:: Fog. Fog is cool.
Rock/rap:: rock
Meat/vegetarian:: ew. vegetarian
Boy/girl:: girls are bitches.
Chocolate/vanilla:: vanilla
Sprinkles/icing:: icing. yummy
Cake/pie:: pie
French toast/french fries:: toast all the way
Strawberries/blueberries:: strawberries.
Ocean/swimming pool:: ocean. grew up there!
Hugs/kisses:: kisses.
Cookies/muffins:: mmm. cookings
p33n/bewbz:: wtf?
Wallet/pocket:: wallet
Window/door:: "you make a better door than a window"
Emo/goth:: emo
Pink/purple:: purple.
Cat/dog:: puppy
Long sleeve/short sleeve:: short
Pants/shorts:: pants. Shorts are against my religion. :-)
Winter break/spring break:: winter break is longer
Spring/autumn:: I <3 autumn
Clouds/clear sky:: clear
Moon/mars:: moon

How many friends do you have?:: well, I have my cb girls, and then about 5 *really* good friends here (you know who you are) and then a bunch of band friends.
What are their names?:: meh. you know who you are.
Do you have a best friend?:: well, like I said, I have a few uber close friends
Have you ever liked one of your friends?:: yes
Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends?:: well, usually more guys, but the girl friends that I do have, our friendships tend to be closer.
Have you ever lost a friend?:: yes. RIP Robert
Have you ever gone to an amusement park with a friend?:: yes. Beth, Amelia, Chris and Daniel + Disneyland = best time EVER
Whats an inside joke between you and a friend?:: huh...ummm...pager? bologna? anything, really
Have you ever gotten in a big arguement with a friend?:: yup
Whats the nicest thing youve ever done for a friend?:: too many. haha
Whats the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you?:: my CB girls with the quilt
Do you miss any of your old friends?:: very much so
What friend have you known the longest?:: Andrea
Do you regret anything you've done to a friend?:: yes.
If so, what is it?:: being selfish.
How often do you spend time with your friends?:: I tend to hang out with them as much as possible.
Do any of your friends drive?:: pretty much everyone but me
Has a friend of yours ever died?:: yes
Whats the dumbest thing you've done with a friend?:: just one?
What do you think your friends think of you?:: hopefully they like me.

Have you ever been in love?:: yes
If you have, with who?:: he who shall not be named. And I'm almost there again. :-)
Are you single?:: no
Are you in a relationship?:: yes. and happy
If so, for how long?:: not even a month. But I <3 him.
Do you believe there is someone for everyone?:: yes.
What is your idea of the best date?:: I like to be courted. So something cute like a movie and sunset, or something equally cute
What was your first kiss like?::, I guess
How old were you when you got your first kiss?:: 15
Do you think love is a load of shit?:: no
Whats the best experiance youve ever had with the opposite sex?:: specifically? Huh. Realizing they aren't ALL assholes, I guess
Have you ever been dumped?:: of course.
Have you ever dumped someone?:: dumped sucks. Broken up with, yes.
Whats the most sexual thing youve done with the opposite sex?:: ask me in person, and I might tell you.

Slippers:: I named them mumbo and jumbo.
Hat:: bald
Hard:: *insert evil grin*
Free:: the free tree on 18th & Alder
Space:: Nick Hall
Taste:: Cough drops
Good charlotte:: I hate you and you can go to hell
Red:: hardcore
Deep:: your mom
Heart:: ouch
Cord:: unveiling
Cheese:: can't live without
Rain:: Coos Bay
Work:: sucks
Pedal:: car
Head:: ouch
Bed:: I like it
Fluff:: my pillow, please?
Hard core:: shows
Race:: to space.
Knife:: juggle.
Jump:: trampoline

am:: amelia
want:: to be done with this crap
need:: to study
crave:: a hug
love:: snuggling.
hate:: OHSU
did:: lots of nothing
feel::like I have to pee
miss:: hair
am annoyed by:: the fact that my foot is asleep so if I actually get up to pee, I know that I will fall on my face trying to stand on it
would rather:: be done with all this transplant crap
am tired of:: being sick
will always:: love you. Thanks, Whitney Houston

What is your favourite genre of music?:: anything with horns (thanks, Andrew)
What time is it now?:: 12:18
What day is it?:: Thursday
When's the last time you called someone?:: about an hour ago
How much money do you have right now?:: not enough?
Are you hungry?: nope. just had yummy lunch
Whatcha doin?:: um...duh.
Do you like parades?::yes. I really really want to watch the fun festival parade this year.
Do you like the moon?:: yes. And astrology in general
What are you going to do when youre done with this?:: more homework
Isnt cup a funny word when you repeat it over and over?:: kinda like zebra
If you could have any magical power what would it be?:: to hear people's thoughts
Have you ever had a picnic?::yes. My favorite being sr. ball
Did you ever have one of those skip-its when you were young?:: huh?
What about sock em boppers?::sounds like fun
Are you wearing any socks right now?:: yes

funny?:: I have a fucky sense of humor, I guess.
pretty?:: sometimes maybe
sarcastic?:: meh.
lazy?:: sure
hyper?:: depends on my company.
friendly?:: sure
evil?:: not really
smart?:: not really
strong?:: emotionally or physically?
talented?:: possibly
dorky?:: yes
arrogant?:: I hope not. :-/

high:: Marc
skip:: sarah b
dance:: Tim
lonely:: Caryb
pen:: Andy
flower:: Ashli
window:: jesus Dave
psycho:: Beth
brain freeze:: ?
orange:: Heidi
sassy:: Melody
jelly:: Graham

suicide:: umm, beth is right, it's not really a good way to solve your problems
love:: for
drunk drivers:: against?
airplanes:: yay! For!
war:: against
canada:: for
united states:: against
rock music:: for
gay marriage:: for
school:: for
surveys:: for, I guess
parents:: for
cars:: against
killing:: against
britney spears:: for. even though she just may be a trick ass ho
coffee:: totally for
pants:: for, I guess

Sky dive?:: been there, done that
Play strip poker?:: again, been there, done that
Run away?:: tried.
Curse at a teacher?:: no
Not take a shower for a week?:: sure. fuck being clean
Ask someone out?:: been there, done that
Lie to someone to make them think better of you?:: huh. no
Visit a foreign country for more than a month?:: sure
Go scuba diving?:: sure
Write a book?:: perhaps
Become a rockstar?:: yay! Where do I sign up?
Have casual sex?:: not my thing

What shampoo do you use?:: Suave something or other
Whens the last time you did something sexual with the opposite sex?:: last week?
What kind of computer do you have?:: some generic thing
What grade are you in?:: soph in college
Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies?:: that's sooo rude to the ushers
Or just make out?:: you know, I could make out any time, why do it when you pay good money to see a movie?
How many posters do you have in your room?:: three
How many cds do you have?:: a lot
What time is it now?:: 12: 27

to distract me.

And and and the newbie OTR boy is K Falls. I can't believe it. That boy's got talent.

PS: Andre Nickatine will be performing tomorrow night at the McDonald theatre.
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