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Much better than I was, say, three hours ago. I just...the combination of OHSU, my mom, and having that damn thing in my neck did me in. Frustration.

And now I look back and analyze it. I realize now why my mom will always be overweight and strapped for cash. Because she spends money on fast food. We had a conversation about her wanting to lose weight and just be skinny overnight, yet she buys mickey-d's for breakfast and eats close to 3,000 calories a day. And I think that's like a reverse trigger for me. I love her with all my heart, but I tried and tried to get her to just buy food from a grocery store and eat on that the whole weekend. Then the buys all this fast food and bitches about a) not having enough money, and b) being overweight. I just don't understand why *she* doesn't understand that you really have to have a lifestyle change to have a weight change.

*le sigh*

Definately a reverse trigger.

Had unveiling of my big tonight at APO. Brandi is my big. I met her last year when I was hanging out with Colin and the (APO) gang. I <3 her. She is awesome, and going to unveiling was exactly what I needed - I love all those guys and they are so wonderful/helpful/swell/perfect. I love APO. I am so glad that I have all of them in my life. I run into Murry from time to time outside of APO, and we talk every once in a while. I like being able to talk to people when I am still new/a pledge. Definately a family (it also helps that I got to know a lot of them last year).

OMG. Was that really last year? I feel like I am getting so old so fast. I'm almost 21. I decided that I am going to Chile's on my 21st birthday. Unfortunately, Bryon burst my bubble by pointing out that after two drinks, I would totally be plastered. Thanks for ruining it, babe. <3 :-)

ETA: I want you all to know that my hair is long enough to be able to do that preppy-frat boy thing with my hair where it all goes flat and then spike it up right in front. Thank you. Over and out.
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