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yay for awesome parties, wannabe mario kart, making new friends, a beautiful boy sleeping in my bed, "Bruce Almighty," a pretty music festival, warm(er) days, and kick ass friends. I heart my life. Most of the time.

Going up to portland tonight. For the harvest. Yay! I make it sound so easy. Go me. Haha. I almost wrote "ho me." That would have been equally amusing.

But yes. Sarah's party was a lot of fun. So. Many. People. Which was a good thing. Although, my carpet is dying and I need to do something to it- I sure am living here for another year. All in all, a successful blowout and I saw lots of people that I otherwise might never see again. I'm really glad the Clarics showed up - I really really like Dan when he doesn't have the vicious life-sucking bitch from hell around. Really. I like him a lot - he's a good person. And I had sooo much fun dancing with suz and my costume almost falling off and talking with Mendel and such. The more I get to know him, the cooler that guy gets. Which is hard, because I already held him in high regards anyway. :-)

I like it that I can choose to spend an evening with friends and without substances and it's a lot more fun than if I would have chosen to get trashed (well, I really don't have that choice as of late, but just in general). Because you can only go to so many parties, and as fun as they are, how many genuine friendships do you actually create while slightly intoxicated over loud bump and grind music? Last night kind of made me wish I had kept my job as an RA for this year - Hanging out with Naima, Bryon, Jaime, Drew and Mel, playing wannabe mariokart and watching Bruce Almighty, it just was...simple. I <3 all those people anyway. Drew and Mel were wonderful with all that stuff with my crazy roommate last year, and I had a bunch of projects with Jaime last year, and then of course B & N. <<<<3

Yay! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...
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