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I am home is good ole coos bay for the weekend with Naima for thanksgiving. It's been lots of fun and just a little bit hectic. I saw everyone and their mom yesterday at the mall...and then I hung out with Sean, Jeanne, Suz, and Jessica. That was weird. It was great to see them and everything, but at the same time, it was crazy. I miss everyone a lot. I called Sean the first night that we got here, but I didn't get to hang out with him until thanksgiving (conveniently the next day). He called me saying that he was going to go see his mom in the hospital. I asked if I could go with him. I miss her so much. That whole family is like a second family to me. It was really hard seeing her all tiny and powerless in that hospital bed. I love Linda, I really do, and I know that every one of her kids does too, I couldn't imagine what life would be like without her. Honestly, she is in my prayer every single day (yes, I pray!)...and sean, well, he is the same guy, despite what Aunt Merleen would like. Naima thinks he is really hot. Tee hee. I know. And seeing Jeanne and Suz and Jessica was really good. It was a little weird, because we haven't hung out in such a long time. Even though we are all friends still, we have all gone our separate ways and we all have different stories, even Jessica, with her new BF and everything.tee hee.

It's just hard to see everyone and wonder if that is the last time that we are all going to hang out or see each other. I used to think that the time for my friends and I to settle down and start a life with a special someone was so far off, but I see a lot of friends getting engaged and it drives me crazy. Not so much right now because I think that I will be left out of the loop, so much as I see it as a rite of passage. How cheesy is that? No, really. Getting your liscence is SO not a right of passage, because I don't have mine (suck it, anthro GTF!), but it's just crazy that I might have to actually grow up and become a somewhat responsible adult and maybe eventually conform to the rest of society...even though it isn't really conforming to one society if I settle down, because every society documented by man has some form of marriage. Blah. All this thinking hurts my head. I can't handle it. More later.

I miss everyone at the dorms. Roger, Cody, Logan, Ryan, Will, well, everyone but Todd. Thank God I am going home tomorrow!
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