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I'd had a headache since yesterday, but I thought it would be fine. But no. I hardly slept at all, my head hurt so bad. I finally got up around 7:30, wanting to die from the headache. So I took a darvicet. On an empty stomach. I talked to Mom online, who said it was probably either a sinus headache or a caffein headache. It hurt so effing bad. "That's it," I though. "I'll wake Bryon up to take me to the hospital." So I woke him up entirely too early and told him we were going to the hospital. After arguing with my conscience, I had him take me to Safeway instead for some Tylenol cold and sinus. By this time, the headache hasn't lightened up AT ALL and on top of that I feel nauseaus. Right as we pull into the safeway parking lot, I feel like I am going to vomit. I opened the door and puked up everything that was in my stomach, i.e. nothing except the darvicet I had taken on an empty stomach, and bile. Yum. So after a mocha frappachino and tylenol extra strength, I felt MUCH better. I have an amazingly patient boyfriend. :-) Thank you.

And as I was walking back from suz's friend's house (she's in town! YAY!!!) I had the most obscure encounter with a disgusting specimin of the male species EVER. I was walking along, minding my own business talking to Allison on the phone, and a ridiculous yellow something or other full of gross guys drives by and the driver yells, "hey, when are we gonna hook up?" I thought I might know him, but I fliped him off anyway(turns out I indeed did not know him). And then he circles the block and drives slowly by me, while I'm still on the phone. First he was all trying to be cute, and then when I told him to fuck off, he got obstinate. "Your boyfriend's a two pump chump." "My boyfriend's twice the man you are." And this went on for a while, crap like that. Finally he drove off, after I asked him politely to just drive off. I was scared the asshole would see where I live, so I was walking uber slow. It was scary! Fuckers. I wish I had quicker wit.

And and and I found out today that a fellow trumpet player from OMB was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease (lymphoma). Boo. He's a good guy...

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