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Huh. Nothing seems new and interesting, thus nothing seems worth posting (well, that I haven't already posted to death about, i.e. my fabulous boy or my wonderful friends). Except this nugget:

I only recently learned of your email address and your treatment routine you are
going through in Eugene. I used to see you walking down 11 th Street but had
not seen you for awhile. Next time I will stop and pick you up so I can find out
what color your hair really is. I was always amused how you could pick out my
truck at Safeway parking lot and leave your name in the dust. As I am
approaching retirement and look back at the years its students like you that
bring joy to teachers because every day is a fun day to be enjoyed whether
playing music or learning Biology. I have liked the sharing the Biology and
Oceanography that I love over the years. I cannot read music or carry a tune but
enjoyed the music in the auditorium over the years. This will be my last year
teaching but I hope to continue with the auditorium in the future if you see my
truck there. Don't be a stranger, call when you are in town!
I wish I could be there in Eugene to give you a hug and encouragement. Teachers
don't normally hug students, but you are have a special place in my memory and
I'm retired so who cares! Perseverance is the key and things will get better.
You have many friends here pulling for you here. Keep in touch when you return
to Coos Bay. I will be in the auditorium for the Oregon Coast Music Festival the
week of July 18-24 if you are in town and see my green truck parked out back,
stop by during the day. This email address should be good through then. If you
have a phone number there you can provide I will call you sooner.

George Tinker


I always loved him. He was my favorite teacher - does anyone else remember "learning occurs in the upright position"? Or the microphone of doom? In his biology class my freshman year, I did a report on Toxic Shock Syndrom. And yes, I did all those things that he mentioned. Even though he usually doesn't hug students and when I was his aide one term, he got a new truck, and after I graduated, every time I saw his truck, I would always write little messages on the dirty-ass rear windshield. Mr. T will always hold that special place in my high school heart.

In other news, yay! No portland today! Which means I can go to Sarah's SUPERHERO PARTY TOMORROW NIGHT . I want to be buttercup - now what the hell do I wear/how do I achieve the buttercup look? Any suggestions?

PS: Andrew: I went back to sleep after I talked to you. In fact, I effectively slept from 6:30 pm-7:30 am. And andrea never called. :-(
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