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Wow. Coming to the harsh realization that I am not the HTML goddess that I once thought I was. What the crap. B and I spent assloads of time last night trying to change the layout and it wasn't working. But but but I *did* get one small thing done - take a look at my comments link. Yay! wait. *ahem* I'm a nerd.

Being ridiculously productive already. Calling everyone and their mom to get some shit done. I hope it works out, damnit! I'm sick of worrying about shit. Eff everyone.

I miss being 5 years old. Things were so much simpler then. Huh. Funny, when you're young, you want to be old, and when you are old you want to be young. Go figure.

I got the biggest compliment this morning from Jeff, the labs guy at the cancer center. He told me, "you're like my little sister," and then later, "my life would be perfect if I could see you every day." I like him. Not only do him and his wife (the chemo nurse) have a story book marriage, he is just an all around swell guy. Yay for good people.
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