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Swing Heil

Good Weekend. My mommy's birthday was yesterday. I was going to try to convince Bryon to go with me to Coos Bay today, but seeing as how I am still ridiculously neutropenic and a bleeding precaution (low platelets) it would be stupid to try to risk driving and getting into an accident. Besides, snuggling in bed is much more fun.

Had an impromptu movie/yahtzee night last night. It was a lot of fun. I absolutely love my friends. And we watched Orgazmo, which has to be the shallowest and stupidest and funniest movie ever (or at least in the top ten). But I really hope that Jess didn't get me sick (Andrew, I will blame *you* if she got me sick. Figure that one out).

And and and I spent time with Naima and her mommy and it was swell and I had to resist the urge to take a picture of the two of them because, contrary to her perception, Naima is beautiful and terribly photogenic and they were so perfect. Meh.

The weekend by numbers:

Series patient visits to the hospital.....3
Loaves of bread devoured by me and my friends....2
Number of times I've watched Swing Kids in three days...2
age my mommy turned yesterday....50
pounds I've probably gained from said yummy cinnamon bread....80
Time I woke up this morning....7:45
number of platelets I have today....32 (x1000)
pounds of homework I have to do tonight...89
hours I put into the messenger bag....(about) 4
number of books I'm in the middle of reading...5

Thus, a productive/fun/hideaway weekend. Go neutropenia.

12 things that annoy you
1. stupid people
2. when I run out of clean underwear
3. not being able to find keys (even though I have two sets)
4. junk email
5. running out of toilet paper
6. neutropenia
7. the office of financial aide
8. rain
9. Todd
10. hipocrites
11. Matt Conrad
12. when stores advertise one hour photo but it takes longer than an hour

11 people you'd want to spend more time with
1. Sarah B
2. Team Oatmeal Cream Pie (you know who you are, and yes, you *are* one person)
3. Caryn
4. Bryon
5. Naima
6. Mom
7. Tyber
8. and Kim
9. Andrea
10. Beth
11. the corvallis crew (sonnet, eric, sam, etc)

10 things you're looking forward to
1. wednesday
2. finals
3. the transplant
4. my grandma coming here
5. The Big and The Big Wedding
6. living with Jess (we've been planning it for years)
7. being assistant section leader in the fall
8. my hair growing back and going through all different styles
9. Harry Potter # 3 with Ruxton on June 4th
10. being done with all of THIS

9 things you wear daily
1. underwear
2. deoderant
3. perfume
4. socks
5. rings
6. contacts
7. sunblock
8. mascara
9. necklace

8 movies youd watch over and over
1. Peter Pan
2. The Patriot
3. Armageddon
4. The Lion King
5. Pirates Of the Caribbean
6. Zoolander
7. Benny and Joon
8. Chicago

7 bands you've seen more than once
1. The Wobblies
2. Lunar Active
3. On The Rocks
4. Avagadro's number
5. Hanson (almost...)
6. Berkely Octet (yeah...)
7. Blessid Union of Souls

6 objects you touch every day
1. fishfood
2. computer
3. water bottle
4. my keys
5. vitamins
6. 5 lb weights

5 things you do everyday
1. stare blankly at my computer
2. feed my fish
3. talk to my mom
4. lately? CBC's
5. contemplate my menial existence

4 foods you couldnt live without
1. cheese
2. apples
3. tofu
4. potatoes

3 of your favorite songs at the moment
1. Cowboy Bebop- Green bird
2. Dispatch - Elias
3. Hanson - Penny and Me

2 people that have influenced your life the most
1. mom
2. Robert

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:
(romantically or just pick my fav person?)
gah. I don't how anyone could stand to live with me for eternity, so I don't think I could pick anyone.
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