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I like how I'm only productive when I am a prisoner of my own apartment, confined to my quarters lest I catch a bug and die from lack of neutrophils. (Actually, I haven't become productive quite yet, but I plan on being productive).

Anyway, I decided the other day that I was born in the wrong epoch. I severely despise clothing - not only does nothing ever look good on me, I always get in a tiff about how uncomfortable it is, how much it costs, and clothing is just a big pain in the ass. And then I asked myself the other day, "Why the hell did you have to be born at the end of an ice age? Couldn't you have been born in some warmer era when clothing was unnecessary?" And then I began to blame Eve for picking that damn apple off the tree and giving the human race shame. But then again, not only is that story ridiculously historically inaccurate, but it most likely never happened. Come on, apple? Big fucking snake? Stupid woman? Doesn't compute. Although, she makes a convenient scapegoat.

I miss you. You're like a drug - I want more. J'aime le chemin que tu me soutens.
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