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I had breakfast with Kelly this morning. I absolutely love that girl to death. She deserves so much more than the lot she has been handed. I think she royally got fucked over in marching band. I'm gonna miss her when she goes to Australia.

I now have a newfound appreciation for Malcomb in the Middle. I <3 Dewey.

So much frustration/anger/disappointment/sadness stemmed over something so trivial.

I just...I accept there are things I cannot do because I am sick. I realize it is part of the grieving process or whatever. Meh. I just want to be able to make a date with one of my friends without worrying about my doctor's appointments. I want to make summer plans without worrying whether or not I will have survived my own damn stem cell transplant. I want to look at baby clothes and not be sad that I will never be able to bear children.

Life's not fair. Well, fuck that. I've done the best I can, right? Of course, my conscience kicks in and asks myself who I am trying to convince.

Just frustration. Pure and simple. But had a good conversation with B and he calmed me down a little.
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