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official. :-)

I like sitting here listening to the distant thunder. At least I hope it's distant, I gotta finish this entry!

Anyway, yes. We are together. He makes me smile. I like the kind of moments you wish you could preserve and keep forever. We were sitting there watching Duck Idol last night (Ruth, you were amazing as usual) and I was happy to just be sitting there with his arm around me watching dorm kids belt out karaoke songs. Yay for simple pleasures.

I met a new girl at the hospital today. Her name is Tiffany (she is 25) and she was just diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, the same thing that my mother had (and my mom never did chemo or radiation). It made me happy to be able to tell her a success story from the same kind of cancer that she has. And it probably made her happy as well. Ah, another happy moment in my life.

I'm looking forward to a swell weekend with Kathy and her family - she has been such a wonderful surrogate mother to me lately that the least I can do is partake in her Mother's Day festivities with her family this weekend. She is such an amazing woman - having her in my life also makes me happy.

A nap + only one more round of chemo + a certain boy + wonderful friends and family + kick ass thunder storms = one happy amelia.
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