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Hmmm...feeling like blah. I wish I didn't! I have slept most of the day today, which I guess is a good thing.

I aquired a stalker two days ago. It was this guy who wouldn't quit IMing and emailing me and I was trying to be nice about it and everything, and finally, when I had to go to the hospital, I signed off really quickly, and then he kept emailing me getting all mopey and whiny and I finally told it to him like it is.

Has anyone walked past the Delta Sig boys behind the library? You know how they are there to "walk girls through the scary path at night"? Yeah, they sure don't do their job. Not once have they offered to walk me. Not that I really want them to, it would just be annoying to me, but they kinda suck at what they are designated to do. Slackers.

Anyway, scrabble + 10.5 + a certain boy = a bearable chemo treatment. :-)
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