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Wow. Makes you realize who really listens to you and pays attention to you, doesn't it? I made a quiz at, and chance got 100 % right. Scary. Mom and sean got 90% right. blah! Chance emailed me. He said that he had thought about it a lot, and that he can't handle a long distance relationship. I don't blame him. He said that maybe when I get out of college. I love him a lot, I really do. Is he truly willing to wait that long? Just that thought alone makes me scared. What if there really is something called true love? Is that what him and I have? I knew from the get go that when he left, that wouldn't be the end of it. I just knew. But if he is willing to wait another few years. That scares me.

I have physical therapy this morning. Yea for me! And a french test. I think. I don't know
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