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Well, I said I would crawl into bed, but not just yet. Gotta recount the beauty of the day.

I had to get my catheter dressing changed today, so I swung by the hospital, and I went out on a limb thinking that Melody would be there. Lo and behold she was, so I bought us lunch (she is a CNA that works up in the Oncology ward whom I sometimes have lunch dates with) and we snuck out to the parking garage roof and had a swell talk/lunch. I love that woman. Well, I love most of the staff on that ward, but she is particularly special to me. She has so much love and just so much goodness for everything that is going on with her life. And with those around her. True compassion. She actually got upset when I bought lunch today, but it was my treat. What a special person.

And then Nick and I had a scrabble date tonight, which evolved from scrabble date to small get together, complete with rachel's truth or dare jenga. It was really good - I think I am getting the hang of this whole "pre-chemo bash" deal. I dig it. haha. I am really beginning to like Shawnie and Eric- they are rad. I like them lots. And, of course, everyone who showed up. It was good to actually be able to talk to each and every person one on one unlike most of the gatherings that we have at my place. haha. At the end, neighbor jon and caryn were debating religion - something I hate doing, mostly because of my obscure views. So, after about five minutes of just plain listening to them and not joining, I got fed up with them and told them both to leave.

And then I went out to IHOP with Bryon. It made me sad that he couldn't come tonight, so it was good to spend some time with him.
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