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I'm a little dissapointed in my icon...

OTR spring concert rocked my socks. It was sooo much fun, and I wore the head accessory for the first time. It was fun and nerve racking - most people see me one way and then suddenly I have another look? Without knowing the history, most people probably think I am just crazy. That's fine.

In fact, I talked to Bradford (i.e. my lj icon) before the show. I didn't recognize him (he has hair!) and he was all, "wow, you changed your hair, when did you do that?" and I was all, "since I had leukemia and had to shave my head." I felt like a bitch, but we talked for a little bit afterwards, so I don't feel too bad. Especially cuz he was an asshole to one of my friends (after I left the after party). Kick him!

So, there was decidedly NO kenny. *phew*! hahaha. But the show fucking rocked and I even got a little teary (as always) at the Jimmy Eat World song. Damnit, if I die, I want them singing at my funeral (and they mentioned Hanson at the beginning of the show...and it got my hopes up. But, alas, no hanson).

And, for the first time as of late, when I went to the party, I could actually talk to people and not have to go through my whole speech like every other stupid function (you know, the sick girl one) and it was so cute, I had two compliments on my hair cut. Hahahaha. It was cute. All in all, it was great. Talked some more to the divisi girls, sang cartoon songs with jethro and brenden (I <3 Brenden in a purely platonic fashion) and got re-introduced to Peter V, although I KNOW he knows who I am. meh.

All in all, awesome night, it was just what I needed and I love Mindi, Bree, Erin, Brenden, Jessica, Viv, and Catherine even more.
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