amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

suz, while I LOVE my new icon, I hope you don't mind that I took the "r" off. Thanks sweetie for doing it.

and and and I hope that mindi, bree, erin, naima, and whomever likes OTR enjoys my icon - he's (being bradford) from Coos Bay too. I thought I would flout my pride. haha.

and and and, andrea (corliss) I thought you would like this bit - I ran into brianna babb today, but I called her alisha. And then she made fun of me by calling me andrea, and I knew she was referencing the fact that you and I (somehow) always were mixed up by teachers. hmm. anyway, I talked to her for a little bit - it was good to see her, but kinda wierd, you know (I guess she was one of the few who hadn't heard about the damn leukemia)? They both have long hair now, I think, so it was hard to tell them apart after two fucking years. :-) But it was good to see her, if nothing else.
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