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I must say, I do indeed think this their best album to date. And taylor is so fucking hot, I could eat him up. Okay, that would be gross - I happen to be a vegetarian. But I like it a lot. "Underneath" is swell. I really like the girl at Face the Music. Not like that, but she is rad, and is there ALL THE TIME. She knows me now whenever I go in there. And she always has something nice to say. It's one of those feel good to go there kinds of things. At least something is good, because they are ass raping me with their prices. haha.

How is it that I have managed to avoid this whole filming the new hollywood movie on campus bit? Oh, yes. I only have one class on campus. That's right. Well, damnit, it isn't THAT big of a campus! What the hell?!?!

Other than that, things are swell. I really don't want to do the whole bone marrow transplant thing, even if it IS my own marrow. Whatever.

I had a swell lunch with Chris and Beth today, which was completely spontaneous. It was nice to just hang out with them for a change, without marching band crap. Which I am getting heinously excited for. I know, it's in, like, 5 months. Tee hee. Band camp. Seriously. This one time, at band camp...I met a boy that looked like Jonathan Brandis. Oh oh oh. And this other time at band camp back in 7th grade I met Mike Ragsdale. And then I met him again six years later at another band camp. Great how life works out.

Oh oh oh! And I got sorted. Thanks Ruth!
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