amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

alwayzaqt523: Bree. She is adorable, and obsessed with OTR (just like me). I love her. And she gave me a bad ass hand made poster with Ataris quotes on it.

blaze2242:Ruth, whom I met in OMB (well, officially at some weird band party). Her boyfriend treats her like crap, but she is a sweetheart and really strong. I like her.

bubbles83: My ex RA. Although she likes bubbles more than buttercup, I still love her a lot. She was always there for me, and always had licorice in her room that I yoinked from her.

chandlerbeth: Beth Chandler. Thus the user name. Probably one of the funniest and quirkiest people I know. She can make any normal thing seem like the funniest things you have ever heard and then you (or, at least me because I am a big dork) can't stop laughing and end up looking like an idiot.

darknote: Mendel. DDR master and all around neat guy. Very compassionate and incredibly rad. Don't really know that well (I've only met him twice), but the second time we "hung out" we ran into each other in the arcade and I sucked it up on DDR.

darlingdoris: my wonderful Doris. I don't really see a lot of her anymore, but she is a wonderful person whom I love a lot. We had a lot of fun in high school and I miss her a lot. Def. one of the girls from HS.

demjen209: Jennifer S. One of the girls in HS. Always the sensible one of the group - we needed that most of the time! Aided and abetted my obession with Dan Rott.

demonic_raisin: My lovely Miss Andrea. One of the girls from HS. Always has the right thing to say to comfort me through any situation. And she headed up that rad quilt making project. Not to mention that I have known her for 12 years. I love her!

fifivanderpump: Heather V. from OMB (hey, I'm a poet and I didn't know it!)She's way rad and has a kick ass user pic.

fusebox_smile: Bryon. He rocks my socks. I met him last year in the RA class, and was always intrigued. And now we are friends.

hawaiiskipuo: my lovely Erin. I met her last year when we lived in the dorms together. She is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever had the priviledges of knowing.

ilovethebeatles: beautiful Naima. She is my photography/workout/sushi buddy. Absolutely gorgous and all about gender studies. Met her in the dorms last year and am most delighted to stay in touch with her. I love her.

katieladie: Katie from OMB. Absolutely adorable. I must admit, I don't know her all that well, but she is sweet and I like her a lot.

ketsie: Kat, whom I met last year in OMB. We have lots in common (tats, piercings) and she is swell.
lanikai1985: Heidi. We like her. She was our home stay and is just all around a freakin' rad girl. She is bad ass and can take and serve twice as much as whatever the guys in our section dish out.

leftygrl5: Sarah, whom I met last spring in RA class. I don't know her very well, but she seems really sweet and I would love to get to know her better.

littlebeth47: awww, beth. She is swell. So cute and so good at what she does. And is a rediculously adorable drunk.

lphybrid: Jeanne, one of my girls from HS. Somehow always ended up in a room alone with sarah rolling around on the floor at all the parties...

maggiestaggs: while not technically one of "my girls" from HS, another good friend from MHS who has a distinctive laugh and a burp comparable to my own.

mostwanted: Actually, met through Tim, my ex boyfriend from HS, whom she is with now. While I haven't actually met her in person, she seems really rad and sent me a kick ass care package and I can't wait to meet her in a few weeks!

noellesan: Andrea Smith, who is really good friends with margaret and (I think) beth. All around rad person.

pearllessoyster: my wonderful roommate. She seems to know the events surrounding the first time we met, but all in all is a rad person and i love her to death.

rachie03: Rachel, friends with Heidi and a wonderful loving person. I love her laugh.

redbing: Ashley, little Laura's roommate. I kept reading her journal and then one day laura brought her in and immediately recognized her as "the girl from LJ"

ruxtomikron: Ruxton. Bringer of jollity and good music. And is a total sweetheart.

silverskit:Mindi Rice (yes, the one and only), friends with bree and, like the two of us, loves OTR. I originally met her through work.

speshope: Suz. One of the girls from HS. Always is there if I need to gripe, and doesn't hold it against me. Got me into fanfic (damn you!). And, on occassion, gets into the hanson hype with us.

stellarshell: Michelle, from HS. Actually, I have known her for many many years (about as long as andrea). She is a sweetheart and we seem to go through the same things at the same time.

uocabbagepatch: Little Laura (I hope you don't mind me calling you that!) A sweet sweet person who makes me strive to be a better person. And somehow thinks that I have the right answers about boys - but I won't tell her differently. :-) JK

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