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umm...sooo much stuff. Still in remission. This is good. Fucking biospy hurt like a mother.

ANYWAY! Spent the weekend in The Coos. It was good. Spent a lot of time with Jess, Andrea, Beth, Sarah (and her not-so-significant-other, Jason *spew*), and Kelli. It was good. Had lots of roaming around where we probably shouldn't have been with Jess and then we went and hung out with a bunch of really sad animals and an obnoxious little seven year old who I wanted to hurl over the fence and give those poor lions something to do (the fucking little kid was lunging at the white tiger's fence, and I told him to knock it off, but his mom was all, "it wouldn't be here if it didn't want to be," and "it likes it when you scare it!" fucking bitch. I wanted to kill her. Is it bad if I hate my best friend's fiance? Okay, I don't hate him. That is wrong. He talks a lot and says nothing and is all over sarah and it drives me crazy. Not because I don't have anyone to do that to me (that always bugs me when a guy is all over me in public) but the fact that I don't think their marriage will last. It will be hard for him to survive a marriage with her. Haha. She will rip him to shreds.

 And I ran into Sherard and alex. Seeing both was a little weird and made me all nastolgic

. I ate sugar free jelly beans. ew. They didn't go over too well with my tummy. DON'T EAT THE LOW CARB JELLY BEANS!

 And I find it interesting that news spreads faster than wild fire in that tiny town. Most people knew that I had leukemia before I had a chance to tell them - what the crap? The world likes gossip. Everone I encountered looked at me at first like I was going to die until I told them differently - I kind of wanted to exploit that view and see what I could get out of it (it's terrible, but people treat you sooo much better when they think you are dying - why correct them?) But I have a lot of SCRUPLES so I couldn't let that go on too long. :-)

Today I had a dr's appt at OHSU. They want me to do a bone marrow transplant using my own cells. What the crap? What's the point in taking something out of you and putting it back in? No clue. But my dr.'s name is pronounced Tyber. He's from Switzerland. And Dr. Roa is from the Dominican Republic. I have an international team of docs. damn straight.


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