amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

..snow?: cross-country skiing = bruises
..rain?: jumping in puddles after OTR in the rain with Naima
..tornado?: fun
..summer love?: Justin # 1
..Jon?: Hansen? Where?
..Mike?: well, both the mikes that I am now assistant section leaders with.
..Shea?: kinda like shag.
..banana?: penis. Which is why I never eat a banana straight from the source, I always break it up and then eat it.
..dizzy?: your mom
..Laura?: green hair
..Juan?: Roberto, the leukemia fighting bunny I want one
..white?: my pasty-ass legs
..peppermint?: gum
..New Found Glory?: My friend's over you
..placebo?: I never took my placebo pills... juice?: my mom likes to drink it with vodka
..candid camera?: just my new kick ass camera
..sister?: not in a sorority. or a frat
..hate?: you know who you are. and sand. fuck it
..President?: I hate you free the pigskin
..rap?: 8 Mile
..pop?: rocks
..rock?: Jack Black
..punk?: that's what I tried to be in high school none in the last month
..death?: A woman I know from CB just died of a heart attack Sean Dawson, fucking bastard
..duuude?:your mom
..the end?: Linkin Park
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