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going. crazy.


Anyway, I am in the process of doing something slightly uncharacteristic and very daring. I will update with results. I am a little nervous and a lot thinking that it won't work (this from a kniving little whore. okay, not really. :-) )

I hate it that when I *try* to sit down and write, nothing comes out. Or it definately comes out, just not what I want. That damn story? It had been stewing in my mind for a while and I just sat down and spewed it out in a matter of hours. And I tried to do something similar and sit down and write, but I think it's not done stewing in my head. I would be a terrible writer for a living, it would all just stew and get jumbled.

I love my life, though. I was very martha-stewart-esque today, minus the whole jail thing. I did a lot of crafts and home made crap and it was uber fun. And it's only seven, I could still have some juice left in me. I should just take over her empire. I, like the Inca Empire, could have Martha Stewart subjects (okay, they had inca subjects, not MS ones. whatever.). And they would love me and I would be a fair ruler, giving them new material like how to make a bong out of a toothpick and a pumpkin, or how to make special napkin holders out of used toilet paper and decorate them with crayola crayons. Talk about high tech.

mmm...10 more days. Excited beyond all recognizable belief. Or waaaay to recognizable. Pick your choose.

I dropped my glasses down the toilet the other night. I had to fish them out of the bowl before they flushed down. They survived, unlike the pager in high school that I had. I had just gotten off work at the karate school and I was running late to an evening practice for band. I ran into the bathroom and did my business. As I was simultaneously pulling up my pants and flushing the toilet, my pager jumped out and into the bowl. I was too grossed out to fish it out. It could be replaced fairly easily. Glasses cannot and are waay more important. And besides, your own pee is sterile to yourself, correct? This was an extremely funny and rediculous incident. I disrupted the band rehearsal that had already begun, and I think we laughed about it for over a month. Comparable inside jokes include the bologna on the ceiling and anything involving me falling.

Ahh...high school. Seeing Adam today made me remember a shitload of things from HS that I otherwise would have kept pent up in my memory bank forever lost. meh.
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