amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

current clothing: blue jeans, black chucks, black built in tank top, striped shirt
current mood: girlishly happy
current taste: that damn bagle
current hair: I hate this question
current annoyance: the previous question.
current smell: Curve. Wishing it was Tommy Girl
current thing you ought to be doing: something productive
current jewelry: 14 piercings, a shell on a piece of hemp around my neck, a ring my mom gave me, and a ring I got the day after I was diagnosed
current book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
current refreshment: stale water
current worry: nothing really.
current crush: yer mom
current favorite celebrity: *drool* jason issacs. wait, no, taylor hanson. no, jason issacs...damn you, taylor!
current longing: real or fiction? cuz a second chance is definately NOT going to happen
current music: "The Middle" Jimmy Eat World
current wish: that my printer wasn't a big fat meanie
current lyric in your head: everything will be just fine, everything will be all right
current makeup: concealer for those damn dark circles under my eyes, and pretty eye shadow and lots of mascara
current undergarments: built in tank top and the underwear my mom bought me
current regret: nothing, really...
current desktop picture: me and eyore at disney land
current plans for tonight/weekend: hanging out with my dad and seeing my fave singing boys
current favorite swear word: F U
current disappointment: fuck prom, biatch
current amusement: I've been really into Harry Potter lately, and that made me think of how Roger used to have this huge crush on the girl that plays Hermione
current IM/person you're talking to: Matt, wonderful Matt Brookes
current love: beautiful days, singing boys, my kick ass camera
current obsession: Harry Potter
current avoidance: yer mom
current thing or things on your wall: Lots of artsy pix (me having taken them and others having taken some as well) and some Hanson
current favorite book: the book of bunny suicides
current favorite movie:I am currently in effing LOVE with the new Peter Pan movie. Every one needs to see it! Go! Now! What are you still doing here...????

That was a dumb survey. Or maybe I just had dumb answers. Go me.

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