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*emerges from the four-post frenzy two days ago*


Just grr...

What is reality? What if your perception is altered? Is that your reality or is that altered? But what you see is what you get, right? Oh, God. My head hurts from thinking too much.

I am meeting my dad after class today. That's right folks, he is in town. I kind of feel obligated to spend every waking moment with him, but I shouldn't, you know? I called He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named the other night and talked to him. I guess he is doing better. He is painting (I hope *he* doesn't develope leukemia from the benzene. Not like he would take my advice anyway) and when I mentioned that my dad was going to be in town, he was really interested and said that he wanted to see him. I told him to get his ass down here, but somehow, going to Prom (yes, he is almost 20) with a girl up in Alaska who is obsesed with him and flat out told him that she wanted to have his children takes precedence over his "ex-girlfriend from Oregon who is really really cool." I hate them. (You know who you are)

I wrote a pretty story the other night that I shared with Suz. She says I am a good writer, although I am disinclined to believe her. Perhaps I missed my calling. I *was* an english major for about 4 months. It's nice to just sit down with an idea and hammer it out and have a kick ass final project. I like that. I wish that I could do that more often.

I'm listening to a beautiful song and realizing how much I really do love my life. As much as I say I hate it and as much as I bitch about it, I really really do love my life. I love my fish, my apartment, the outlook that I have been given, everything. The chance that I have been given by Todd as Assistant Section Leader, just fucking everything. I love my friends, my family, everything. Maybe it's the constant reminder on my lower back (the word "Unity" - my church). Maybe that's why people get Jesus tattooed on themselves. But a dead guy on my forearm just wouldn't do it for me. I'm just thankful for my new positive outlook on life. It also gives me a fatty excuse to watch a shitload of movies. :-)
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