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Does it occur to anyone else that perhaps we see evolution at it's finest every day and we don't notice it?

What about the webbed feet, the 15/20 vision, the lack of certain unneeded body parts in certain individuals (i.e. tonsils, etc), hairlips, that we all see as birth defects when in fact we are so stuck on the fact that it is aestetically deficient and "not normal" that maybe we are seeing modern evolution and all we can do is surgically alter it. We are fucking with nature. But, just like the breeding dinosaurs in "Jurassic Park," nature finds a way.

in other news, my new lotion smells like my first grade teacher. I miss those times. "Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up" damn straight.

I had my first class today. It is a two hour long class...half of which is spent by an obnoxious girl trying to flirt with the 40-something (and very married, possibly to a man - there goes my gaydar!) professor through rediculously stoopid questions like "Where does the word 'Mamom' come from? It sounds like a heartbeat..." (Mamom is the name of an early classic period in the Mayan Dynasty). Seriously, this girl is wack. Fucking A. I almost told her to shut up today, and this was only my first class! How did the rest of the class deal with her prior to today?
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