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Wow. What could have potentially been a big disaster turned into something much much better. And a lot more fun than I have had in a long long time.

You know, it's always nice to return to your family. You know how when you have been gone a long time and then you go back home for break and it's just old and familiar and plain fucking wonderful? That's how it is for me and OMB. Damn, we have had some rough times (i.e. me being a big tool freshman year) but, like family, you always get over it and it makes you stronger. I went to guard/percussion championships today and I saw all my old family again (OMB). It was great to see my girls (and two guys) and I met Mendel. And while you may not always love every single member of your extended family, when something tragic happens, you begin to appreciate everyone just that much more. I got hugs from concerned "family members" that I haven't seen since banquet, an evening I don't want to remember for numerous reasons. But, just like the hectic thanksgiving dinner, you put the past behind you. Does this make any sense? And why the hell do I make new friends so fast being bald? What the hell?

I spent the afternoon in awe of the winter drumline shows with Naima and Tater, who had to go walk his dogs :-( so he left us girls to our own devices. As always, it was wonderful to see her (although it seems like a week ago, we had hung out on friday as well. That's what happens when you get chemo brain) and then we parted ways.

I "met" a couple of OTR boys (meaning, I already knew who they were, but I talked to them a little bit at the drumline party - Greg and Josh, for those of you who actually care. And they are both amazingly sweet and both rock my socks) and I met more people from my damned bald would be amazed at how well that works to pick up guys. Okay, if those guys include an intoxicated young poet with a girlfriend, A Chilean AIDS counselor who kissed me not once but twice on the cheek, and Marq just hanging on me (and vice versa, so I refuse to complain - and he needs to find a new letter from the alphabet).

and and and the best conversation ever:

Matt Conrad (aka Captain Tool): blah blah blah I'm a big loser
Me: Yeah, so I made assistant section leader
Captain Tool: does that mean that you will stop yelling at me next year?
Me: Does this mean that you will start marching correctly next year?
Captain Tool: I *do* know how to march correctly, I was just taught a different backwards march because I am a big tool and nobody likes me and I guess I will go eat worms (okay, he didn't say all of that, but still...)

and why is it that you always want the one thing that you can't have? Beth, DO something! (not that you can really do anything...)
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