amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

last cigarette: at my party when heidi yelled at me
last kiss: from my mom last night
last good cry: last friday
last library book checked out: ??
last movie seen: Dante's Peak
last book read: Harry Potter # 5
last cuss word uttered: probably "shit"
last beverage drank: orange juice from concentrate
last food consumed: graham crackers
last phone call: my mom
last tv show watched: ER
last shoes worn: I don't know. It's been a week since I have worn shoes
last cd played: mom's copy of the new Outkast CD
last item bought: mike n ikes
last downloaded: peter pan
last annoyance: this damn hospital
last disappointment: having to get a new IV
last soda drank: last night - diet pepsi
last thing handwritten: a few numbers
last word spoken: "take care" to the housekeeping lady
last sleep: after I got morning labs done @ 5:30 AM
last im: gah...soooo long ago
last weird encounter: Matt calling me and me thinking it was Nate
last ice cream eaten: gross orange sherbert a few days ago
last amused: Roberto, the leukemia fighting bunny
last time wanting to die: getting the boobage tubage pulled out
last time in love: a year ago
last time hugged: by nick and sabrina last night
last time scolded: I wasn't in my room today when I should have been. I find it easier to just hide here in the library
last chair sat in: talking to Caz a little bit ago while she got her chemo
last lipstick used: well, I wear lipgloss a lot
last shirt worn: shirt? A while ago. I have been wearing tank tops for a week now.
last time dancing: my mini workout this morning.
last poster looked at: the larger than life orlando bloom a week ago
last show attended: Against Me at the wow hall a month ago
last webpage visited: hotmail. go me
1 MINUTE AGO: working on this
1 HOUR AGO: eating with Caz
1 DAY AGO: still here
1 WEEK AGO: still here
1 YEAR AGO: living with Ashli, dating paul, playing DDR like you wouldn't believe
current clothes: ducky-butt sweats and a tank top
current mood: a little excited
current music: nothing right now...
current taste: orange juice
current hair: none
current annoyance: still being here
current smell: the inside of my mask
current thing I should be doing: nothing
current desktop picture: blue
current refreshment: what the hell is this?
current worry: getting out of here by saturday so I can go to the guard championships
1. What do you most like about your body? how I haven't totally gained a whole bunch of my weight back
2. And least? one word: saddlebags
3. How many fillings do you have?: none
4. Do you think you're good looking?: not particularly
5. Do other people tell you that you're good looking? depends on who it is.

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