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I wrote this for the complex director. He wanted everything in writing, so he can present it to the board. I don't want to get her in trouble, though, i just want her out. What if I fuck up her life?

To whom it may concern,

This is a letter to inform those who need to be informed of my situation. I cannot live with my roommate, Damask Schantz, any longer. I have witnessed many things that I do not wish to be associated with. I have walked in on her getting ready to do a line of cocaine in our room. She has pulled out what she said was well over a thousand dollars worth of cocaine. I also know for a fact that she has sold this cocaine. I have watched her pull out a baggie of pot, well over a hundred dollars worth.
Apart from these, I just don’t believe in general that I can live in the same room with her anymore. She invites strange people in our room to watch her downloaded porn, people neither her nor I know very well, if at all. She leaves our door unlocked 90% of the time. I fear for my belongings, including a small laptop and almost 200 CDs. She also has stolen my prescription drugs from me (I have learned to hide them). It is difficult for me to get anything done in our room ; I can’t stand the constant obnoxiously loud music and the constant stream of strangers. She frequently comes home inebriated. This doesn’t bother me so much as the fact that she usually wakes me up and has to include me in her constant drama.
I would appreciate your consideration for her evacuation and/or a new roommate. Thank You.


Amelia Worth

I feel sick and tired. Go figure. My body hates me.
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