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Name four bad habits you have:
1. Procrastination
2. not brushing my teeth sometimes before I go to bed
3. not drinking enough water
4. wanting things I can never have

Name four things that you wish you had:
1. haha. a second Chance
2. never ending remission
3. a car
4. a better appetitie

Name three scents you love:
1. Fresh Cut grass
2. the way my cat smells
3. Clinique Happy

Name four things you'd never wear:
1. a thong to marching band (done it once, won't repeat it!)
2. Those gross pants that scrunch up with boots. that's dumb
3. real fur
4. a dog collar

Name four things you have done today:
1. bought another new cd (this time, pocket face, basically the same band, a different name with tony the twin)
2. had lunch with a beautiful woman
3. seen what death looks like
4. eaten too much cereal (beggars can't be choosers when it comes to appetite)

Name four of your favorite things to do:
1. play with my camera
2. talk to my mom
3. spend too much damn time on LJ
4. Sing along with my favorite music at the top of my lungs when I think noone can hear me

Name the last 4 things you have bought:
1. A Pocketface CD
2. A pack of gum
3. A Double O Seven CD
4. New Makeup

Name four things you regularly drink: (not counting water)
1. Ensure
2. nothing else besides water...

Last time you cried?
Monday. It was terrible

Last thing you laughed at?
Myself. It happens a lot

What's in your cd player?
The Wobblies - what is my thing with my fave music being people that I know? Is that music just better?

What color socks are you wearing?
Black and White tweety bird socks

What's under your bed?
the last person that asked me that

What time did you wake up today?

Current hair?

Current worry?
Fucking Financial Aide

If you could play an instrument?
I can play trumpet, french horn, and a little bit of piano

Favorite color?

How tall are you?

Favorite season?

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