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It's amazing the simple pleasures in life.

My walk for the day was to see Heather, my anthro prof who has turned out to be the greatest help as far as getting stuff done. It was really good to see her. And for a professor that I notoriously haven't gotten along with, she gave me a huge hug and it was insanely good to see her and be back in the dept.

And then on the way back, I thought I would stop by the CD place and I picked up a Double O'Seven CD (a band that Tony Case -tony the twin, that is - was in, along with Chris Rowbotham, back in the day). It was a good day for music. :-)

And another simple pleasure: Getting a "hey, cutie pie" from a guy you think you royally fucked things over with. I mean, he brought another girl to my party, is he just fucking with me? I have no clue. But he's a good guy. I just have to keep reminding myself: Amelia comes before the boys. And then there's him...

I remember this time last year, actually...haha, it was the beginning of...this... And when he dropped me off at my house in The Coos, I was soooo all alone for the first time. It was amazing. I usually hate being home. But I am excited, I will be around my parents, who drive me mad, but I love them and I need help right about now. Damn, I love my family.

And please explain to me the purpose of IMing someone after a week of not talking, just to tell them that you are busy? Don't fuck with my mind! (although...I did a good job of wishing that they would IM me and then they did. I am good like that.)WTF is going on?
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