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I've kind of been thinking this morning. Sarah's post last night got me to thinking. Along with something she said yesterday.

Pretty much just about the person that I am desperately trying to become. That person, though, is I just want to be me, you know? Just a better person. Not the dramatic person, just me. I know I have toned down a lot in high school, but what I saw last night made me ache to be drama-free. Which means not to be pissed off at two ex boyfriends.

What did you see last night, you ask? Well, one girl was pissed that her ex was with another girl and wasn't at the party, so she lost it (to credit her, this was the first time that she cried about it) and her and this guy were so drunk that she started just making out with him down in the courtyard. In a valiant effort to safe him, I went down there and tugged on her hand, but she refused to leave. "Let's be adults about this, please?" was her plea. Of course, of all the people involved, including a man-whore and a drunken-hook-up girl, I was the most adult person there. And I am just really pissed that she did that, you know? Claiming that I wasn't being mature about the situation. I'm only whining about it now because it seems that noone takes me seriously anymore. When I tried to kick that guy out of common grounds, Andrew had to step in. When I tried to save Man-Whore, it took Andrew to separate them (right after Drunken-Hook-Up Girl confessed to me that it would be a bad idea to hook up with Man-Whore). Do I just not get liquored up enough to hook up with people at parties like this? Or am I just too fucking good of a host to do that? Man-whore, before all this, I was kidding and told him that we should look like we were making out and when he kissed my neck I freaked out and kicked my coffee table over.

And then the drunk patrol (AKA Jesse and Meghan, whom I both love dearly now for their services, and just in general) tried to bounce Drunken-hook-up-girl. And she wouldn't go with them. I swear, I love her, but that really pissed me off, you know? I mean, I tried to be a good friend and she wouldn't let me.

It amazes me how many women have a thing for Man-Whore. And I only give him that title because I was giving him a bad time about it last night (but to save face I don't want to use names).

And then the one guy that supposedly thinks I am hot bald shows up with Sarah's friend. And I didn't want to get involved with him lest she is trying to hook up with him as well.

But, all in all, it was a good evening and lots of close friends (including Tyber and Kim-ber) a good way to ease into the day with my first time at work since before chemo. Good lord...
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