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Roger decided he HAD to see Harry Potter last night. Yea! Opening night. Harry got hot, Ron's voice got deeper, Hermione got pretty, Snape got pretty, and my honey, baby, beautiful Oliver Wood somehow got ugly. How did that happen? And, The guy who plays Lucius Malfoy...*sigh* if I was 20 years older...NO, really. He is the "ketchup bottle guy" in Armaggedon. You know the advisor guy who is talking about setting rockets off in your hand? That's him. *tee hee*. He was also some gay dude in Sweet November. It's about goddamn time that guy got some decent recognition. He is a rad actor.

*sigh* We lost our game today against the huskeys. And I got to wear my purple coat and ride on my purple bike after the game. Some ducks were none too pleased. Haha. They can suck it.

My room is so freakin' peaceful right now. I love it when damask isn't here. It is great. Only one more day. Still working on it.

Loving my life right now. NO, really, I am! Besides Damask, it is wonderful. I don't know why. I just am. I am content to pseudo-snuggle and just hang out. I love my classes (maybe just because I didn't have any today), we'll see how tomorrow goes.
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