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Still kinda pissed. I went on campus for a few hours today, and it was good. I ran into a whole bunch of people that I know and watched a bad ass wushu demo that made me miss my good ole days and I seriously want to open up my own karate school, you know? Wouldn't that kick ass? Fuck yea...

Talked to he who shall not be named for a moment today. I even planned to talk to my teacher so that I could "run into him" and then he didn't go to class. Fuck him. I need noone.

A boy from band who is on band council (but has never been to our apt) dropped by to give me a larger than life poster of Orlando Blood from POTC. (I guess, after talking to drum major kelli and telling her that I love that movie and just have a general thing for pirates) she instructed everyone to bring me POTC stuff. I love her.

And then I went to sarah's sister's band concert and it was good for the pyschi.

If you call me Amelia, you are probably normal.

If you call me Meel, you are either my mom, kym, or my grandma.

If you call me Chileto or Mon Cherie, you are my mother.

If you call me Chickadee, you are my grandma.

If you call me any sort of feline variation (kitten, kitty kat, etc) you are my father or other wise very very gay.

If you call me Amelia Laine, you are either Andrew or my mother being insanely mad at me

If you call me Little Trumpet Girl, you are todd or someone from my section whom I now hate.

If you call me Chogyu-nim (or Miss Worth), you know me from karate.

If you call me Mrs. Worth, you are trying to get me to either switch my carrier or give me a credit card.

If you call me a goddess, I love you.

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