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Damask is gone for the night to her sister's house. Things happened so quickly today. I thought it would never end! I went to go talk to Mike, the complex director. I am the treasurer for complex government, and I am to meet with him once a week. I intended to talk to him about the money, but I ended up spilling everything to him about her. He immediately got on the phone with her and asked to talk to her, telling her that the staff had some concerns about her drug use. She denied everything. I avoided her as much as possible, but she doesn't blame me. I almost feel bad. But I can't stand her.

Then, as if things couldn't get worse...I got subpoena-ed today for my best friend's trial. I love her to death and I want to help her win the case. She is suing (or something like that) her ex-stepfather because he is an ass and I don't know if she would want me to go into any more detail than that. She is the most wonderful person in the world, I love her to death. And if me being a character witness for her, even if it will help her just a little bit, I will do so. She deserves that, at the very least. He, though, I think should get fucked in the ass by a huge fisherman named bubba for everything that he has done. what a fucker. I am going to miss three days of school for it. Not a good thing. But anything to help her. *sigh*

Roger is...roger. I kicked his ass tonight. I miss tae kwon do so freakin' much. Why do I gotta be all nostalgic and shit? Because I was rated second in my division. Because I was invited to the international super-grands martial arts tourney for the third straight year and again, I can't go. Because I haven't ever had the natural body high of winning a division when you are the only girl or getting second place agains five 35 year old black belt men. I can't find that anywhere else. I want it. I NEED it. It's a drug. Not even piercing comes close. Am I a freak for that? Oh, well...

Oh, yeah, roger. Why doesn't he like me? We spend every (well, close enough) minute when we aren't in class together. And, whether he knows it or not, he has helped me a lot with this whole roommate thing, just listening to me, or snuggling me (even though he *DOES NOT* snuggle...whatever, dumbshit), listening to Pink Floyd and Radiohead. I love snuggling with him. Even though he is a sado-masochistic freak, I love spending time with him.

I hung out with Andrea for the first time all year. She is so cute. I miss her! I guess she is getting back together with Eli. Big Suprise. haha. It was just nice to connect with some high school friends. Who else do I have? The eternal bitches, Monica and Sarah O. I am sure they have gotten nicer. Not that I have seen it yet. I don't even think they like each other. Sad, really.

I miss my kittie. She is the most wonderful pet in the world. Sadly, even better than Doorlock. He isn't very snuggly. At least he doesn't give me just an armpit. Or bite me.

I am definately switching my major to anthropology. I absolutely love it. Yea for me!

"How many fun things can you do without your pants on?" Me to my RA, because he frequently answers his door without pants.

"I wish I had some pot to listen to," Roger, totally sober. 'nuf said.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taylor Hanson is a DADDY!!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!!! And I thought he was waiting for me. How very sad. What about Oliver Wood????

"I forget to pray for the angels, and then the angels forget to pray for us" Leonard Cohen, "So Long, Maryanne"
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