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How do I even begin to thank you guys? Andrea just brought the blanket to me today and I almost cried (except that I am still on darvicet, so I am really loopy). God, you guys mean so much to me that the english language fails me right now while I try to express the amount of gratitude that I have for my friends.

For those of you who don't know what is going on, the beautiful, amazing, talented, and incredibly funny Andrea brought me a quilt that all of my best friends from high school - including Doris, Jennifer, Jeanne, and Suz, as well as Jessica and Sarah, who need LJ's, and Jen, even though it's the thought that counts and hers didn't make it to the blanket in time.

I just...I have the most wonderful and amazing friends anyone could ever hope or wish or dream to have. Seriously. Here's to jellybeans, the pony game, mutual ex boyfriends, skinnydipping (I'm not going to mention any names, sarah!), lots and lots of birthday parties, hanson, sitting outside of the junior prom our senior year and taking pix (jeanne!), playing dress up with jessica's closet, our friend, buddy (andrea, jessica!), having the best birthday singing ever for my 20th birthday (jessica and sarah who will probably never read this), switching instruments in front of Mr. Turtle - I mean Campbell (jeanne, sarah, and andrea? or was it suz? maybe jessica?) and crazy disney songs at the top of our lungs (instigated by doris), the meat on the ceiling in the band hall, crazy hair dying (jeanne, suz), late nights @ jessica's with our friend "Mike" (sarah, jessica and jeanne, who still has Mike @ jess's, by the way) and I am really loopy right now and all lovey dovey, but don't think that a sober me would appreciate any of this any less. I cherish every one of you and I wouldn't trade you all for anything - not even taylor hanson.

Thank you for knowing me better than I know myself (you know you're loopy when you try to type "yourselves" instead of "yourself" haha) and being the people who get me through the day. I love you all sooooo much.
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