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1) What one person have you learned the most from? Hmm...I always try to learn from everyone, but I think I have learned the most from my mom. I love her. There are so many things that I have learned from her, you know, both what to do and what not to do, but I love her so much and she has been such an inspiration to me.

2) What in your life are you most proud of? I am most proud of recieving my second degree black belt in American free style tae kwon do.

3) Name one thing that keeps you going through life - your driving force - what is it that makes you get up every day with a smile on your face? My friends are what get me through the day, especially now. I check LJ all the freakin' time just to see what is going on and when all my friends come and visit me and support me - dear lord, I seriously don't think that I would have healed this fast without so much continuous support. I owe so much of my health to my friends (just don't lick my pillow. :-)

4) At what point in your life have you been the happiest? The saddest? (So that was maybe two questions, but shoot me...)
haha. It's cool. Umm...I think when I recieved my apprentice black belt. That was amazing. I was the youngest black belt at the time, I quickly became the second in command at the karate school, and it was just an amazing feeling to accomplish something like that. I think the saddest I have ever felt was the day I was diagnosed with leukemia.

5) And the sentimental one, what's the number one thing you're going to take with you out of this whole chemo experience?
I appreciate people so much more. My friends, my family, the staff here, and even most of the Unitics (that's what we call the members of Unity church) across the nation have, in some form or another, been praying for me or sending me good vibes and I just wish I could thank each and every one of those people personally with a hug and a flower.
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