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OMG I met the girl from LJ!

Haha. Okay, so I met redbing because she happens to be Laura's roommate, and they both came today to visit me. And when I saw her, I said exactly that, "Oh my god, it's the girl from livejournal!" Damn, it's a small world.

Today was good, I started getting shots to hurry that effing slow bone marrow (of course, I should talk nicely to it or I will NEVER GET OUT OF HERE). The downside is that I have a new needle going into my arm every day. boo hiss to that, but yay to getting out of here by possibly wednesday.

And and and I have an awesome boy. I was so bored tonight that i was watching Titanic and I suddenly wanted to talk to him, but not call him because, like a typical girl, I didn't want him to think that I was stalking him (which I don't think he would really mind) and I didn't want him to think that it was a pseudo-booty call because I was really tired and didn't really want anyone onver, but I wanted to hear his voice and listen to that cute little laugh (okay, no more mushiness) and I was kind of ESP-ing him to call (hey, it could happen!) and about a minute later my phone rings. And it was him. And he is adorable. Nuff said.
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