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The hospital is boring. Thank you to everyone who has indeed whisked me to a fantasy land where I don't sit on my ass all day. Or at least I sit on my ass all day hanging out with bad ass friends like Andrew, Jessica, Nate, Rachel, Graham, Jesse, Meghan, Nick, Marc (and Shelly), Sarah (roommate), Colin, Emily, Danielle, Adrianna, Allison, Heidi, Sarah and her sister Kate, Andrea, Jen, (Jennifer's awesome care package), Andy, Matt and Kara, Mike and Jeremy, Kelli, Ruxton and Steph, Laura, my awesome and amazing parents, and everyone else who I missed and will probably never visit me again because I sound like a stuck up snob. When really I am just thanking you all. Sowwy.

I spent valentine's day making cards for all the nurses and CNA's. It was fun, and the adorable cleaning girl said I made her day (I even addressed it to her like that because I forgot her name - erin) I made one for andy and wrote a really long letter about how much I appreciate him and how he listens to me when no one else does and is still around despite all this and if it weren't for him I wouldn't have gotten anything checked out and just thank you for being there for me and keeping it real. I didn't give it to him because I chickened out. Damn.

Oh. and the food sucks here.

And my mom bought the new Outkast CD for herself.
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