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Wow. I had awesome people come and visit me yesterday!

Laura and Katie came in and it was awesome to see them - I miss hearing about band stuff. And hearing all this about band council makes me want to get involved with it - I think I just might go to it after I get out.

And and and Jeremy Adams and Mike Suskin came and hung out for a few hours as well. They were rediculous - in a good way. I miss my section boys too, and it was awesome to just hear more band juiciness and they were just over the top - they found the gloves in my room as well as the masks and decided to play doctor. Or Kobe Bryant. Still not quite sure...

Doc said yesterday that if my temp was down that I could leave today, but it is up slightly. Maybe tomorrow. I am still holding out. Although something makes me want to stay just so I am safe, it's a germy world out there and I can't afford to get sick and then have to come right back. I don't know how that would work. But I would love to be able to just go and pick up at least one class again, if I get out this week. I am sure that Andy would help me get back into it (insert twitterpation. Lots of it).
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