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Can't find Roger. I saw him for like five minutes after I got off work, and now I can't find him. I miss him! It's been like, six hours since I last snuggled with him and hung out with him...and i am bumming. I need some snuggles.

I don't know why I am bummin', though. I can't handle living with Damask. I just can't. I am going nucking futs. I talked to my RA a little bit about it. I mean, I told him everything. Not the nice one from the drag show, suz, but my other one, the 26 year old dude who is fun to hang out with and conveniently lives right next door to roger so I get to hang out with him a lot. I went into his room, and told him everything. I don't know what is going to happen, though. She says that she might have to move out anyway, I am giving it one week. She is going home this weekend, and there is a good chance that she isn't coming back. Boy, that would be nice. Haha. I just can't handle it. SHe is too rude, inconsiderate, and above all else annoying as fuck. I don't know...

At the same time, howsomeever, I don't want to be the bitch. I don't want to get hunted down and killed, though. Seriously, I fear for my stuff, but also my life. She knows people in Portland who could fuck my shit up if she wanted it badly enough. I shouldn't have to live in fear for my life my freshman year in college. What to do??? I will give it a week.

I don't know why I am freakin' out...god, I wish roger was here. It isn't like i am his babysitter or anything, I just want some snuggles and some reassurances. Anything but an armpit...even though that would suffice tonight. I am really restless, I can't sit still, I am way hungry, and I can't keep any straight thoughts. I didn't take or drink anything...maybe I am just pmsing. augh. i hate it, I hate it, I hate it!
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