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Obviously I have entirely too many friends that care about me waaay too much. :-) Because I wasn't going to post any updates till I knew for certain (because this has been dominating my life and it gets boring to read about the same effing thing the whole time).

Anyway, I will probably end up doing inpatient chemotherapy at sacred heart. This means 30 days of Sacred Heart ( 3 cycles of 7 straight days of chemo followed by three days of not chemo). And I will probably lose my hair (but I plan on getting rad colors like pink and purple and it will be high school all over again). I wanted to delay the news because I won't know for sure until wednesday, but this looks like the only option.

So, it sucks, but whatever happens happens.

In a valiant effort to be social before all this happens, suz came down (at the same time that jess came up) and we all hung out this weekend. It was good and I had fun enticing some jailbate a capella boys at the hilton and strange experiences including 12 double cheeseburgers and seeing nate entirely too nekkid and seeing nick almost nekkid twice, both of which I could have gone my entire life without encountering. It was a swell weekend.
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