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Okay, okay, I know what you are thinking..."Damnit, amelia, it comes out in four days, you 'tard!" But, alas, I *have* to go see it with Roger (He is my favorite discuss/debate partner when it comes to harry potter), and he can't go see it on friday. Unless he doesn't have a sectional. If you go have a green team (if you don't know, you probably don't live in Eugene) "sectional" on friday with Seamus, I will beat you! So, we have to go on Monday.

Well, obviously, things are getting back to normal with him and me. We didn't really talk about it, but it isn't something I am avoiding, either. We didn't really hang out at Festival of Bands on Saturday (which was hella fun. I got to be a bike cop), but right before we went on the field for the first time, I could tell that he was looking for me and searching. Not hanging out that day was good, it let me think about a lot of things, and wallow in my own PMS misery with Jeff Claric commerisating. Which was nice. And then, Roger started to instigate the whole snuggle thing again. So things are back to normal. I am not quite sure what he thinks of me, but I am glad that I didn't kiss him. That would have been weird and I would have regretted it, because I love the relationship that him and i have and, in retrospect, I wouldn't want to fuck anything up. Him and I have this weird thing that is almost more than friends, but not quit. And I love it. I don't want to get involved any more with him. I can't explain him and me. When we are together, we act like we are two years old. And it is the funnest thing in the world. We spend all of our available time together, and people think we are crazy when we go out in public. We usually go to the sushi restaurant prolly once a week, and he is really funny when he is bored. Totally a Taurus, Jeanne and Suz!

Oh, well...enough about him. It just feels good to get it all out, because it is hard to talk to people here. It isn't like I don't have a kick ass group of rad friends or anything...they just don't know how i work things out yet. They will soon enough! Naima and Logan are coming home for thanksgiving with me. I am totally stoked. They met my parents and are way excited, too. that is rad.

And this whole roommate thing. I really can't handle it anymore. SHe is nice and everything, I am just so confused. I have to hide all my prescription drugs from her, and i think she took money from me. Which is crazy, because she is the stripper who makes about $800 a weekend. I don't know where it all goes, but I have my guesses. I walked in on her doing a line of cocaine once, and i am way frustrated. She gets drunk almost every night, comes home late, and always has weird people in here watching her porn. I don't even know these people! I fear for my stuff, honestly.Any suggestions? anyone?? Help!

On a lighter note, I got a fishy yesterday. It is a betta and it is beautiful red and green. Roger tried to name it Paul, but i told him that fishy would get bad juju from that name and have a bad aura. so he named it Doorlock. You can only imagine who named him, *cough* ROGER!!!! What a wierdo...

Oh, well, off to bed. I have a test soon. And i must wash my hair tomorrow. *being clean is so over rated. So are clothes. and shoes. and money...okay, goodnight.
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