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Insane amounts of coffee + not going to class + the best quesadilla + an ambiguous but good conversation = a very happy amelia.

I still hate my body and I had a shitty day even up till yesterday but somehow I still manage to get out of bed and go to at least some of my classes. And watching the new matrix last night was a big help, even though I hate sequels. So, to put things in perspective, here are some things that I am grateful for:

-having neough food and money
- a roof over my head that just happens to have quick internet service
- awesome friends who love me and are coming to visit me, andrea!
-even more awesome friends like andrew and nate-plus who always make me smile when I see them. I love you guys!
- a tattoo that says "unity" to make me remember what's important in life
- a full ride on need based financial aide
- having all my limbs and senses
- 4 pairs of chuck taylors
- having the sense to know when enough is enough and to not get involved in something I know is wrong.
- a fun boy
- a fun town to play around in

I love you guys!

I have a dr's appt about the fucking bruises on my legs. I shouldn't bruise like that! Meh. I will update with results.
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