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Yay for boredom, spilled drinks ruining two articles of clothing, pissiness, assholes, distrust, being broke, insanely needy parents, and friends that can't be trusted.

and this all happened in less than 24 hours.

Banquet was the biggest fucking let down ever. Stupid thomas dropped punch on the floor, getting all over my dress and andy's shirt, who was already pissed as it was. And then they didn't announce section leaders. It was so lame. Not knowing if you got it or not is way worse than knowing you didn't get it. I was a big fucking ball of nerves for no reason at all. And it was just lame. Just like last year - they make banquet to be this big ordeal when it was just lame.

And then driving on my way back from corvallis I get this call from Jessica's dad who is frantic wondering where she was. I had no idea she had still made plans to come to eugene despite the fact that she knew I wasn't going to be in town. So she made it sound like she was coming to visit me, when she was really going to visit my friend andrew. Fucking I can't believe she was that irresponsible that she didn't leave her parents anything. I was so fucking worried that something happened to her and that she made it sound like she would be with me when I had no fucking clue where she would be. God damnit, I effing love that girl but I think that was the shittiest thing she has ever done. I can't believe I was even forced to have a part in that. I knew all along why she wanted to come this weekend, but the fact that she fucking had that much audacity... FUCK words for the amount of pissed that I am right now...
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