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Sooooo effing nervous

Tonight is banquet. I wouldn't be *nearly* as nervous for tonight if I hadn't applied for section leader for next year. Gah. I am just a big ball of nerves. I keep telling myself that I am not going to get it so that I won't be disappointed if and when I don't get it. But I am so nervous that I can't really concentrate on anything and I am just sitting here in a daze.

Andy and I went on a mini vacation friday and saturday. We went hiking up Smith Rock friday and then camped there that night. Early saturday we woke up and went cross country skiing around sunriver (it's really pretty there). On our way back to U-gen we went to a natural hot springs and it was sooooo comfy after being way effing sore. I have huge fucking bruises all over my legs. Seriously, like there is this one that looks like the end of my ski. Which I am not surprised, because that was the first time I had ever skiied. Is that the way to spell it? Oh, well. My daziness doesn't really care right now.

Anyway, send me good vibes guys! I will update with the results tomorrow!
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