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So I haven't died. There is just really no reason to update.

Classes started yesterday. I am taking 14 credits and working last term which means amelia will be hellishly bored this term. Fucking lame people making up everything.

My tat is still pretty. Except there was a guy yesterday when I showed it to him that was all, "why did you get the word 'vanity' outlined in pink?" You shallow motherfucker, can you not read english? It says 'unity' asshole, and I got it two days ago! That's why it's all pink, idiot!

haha. Gonna go play in some freshie snow today. Yay for that.

Sorry my life is boring guys. The most exciting thing that has happened is getting kissed by a girl...haha.

Andy and I are still hanging out. I'm pretty content. Not really sure what is going on, but that's fine by me right now. It's about what I wanted.

Pirate Party this friday! All who read are invited! It's a pre-birthday bash. Here's my weekend schedule of events: friday: pirate party @ my place. Saturday: birthday party for me and gina drew @ her place. Sunday: parents coming to spend the day with me. Want to meet andy and take him out to breakfast with us. Hmm...
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