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Wow, most embarrassing moment ever. So, I have been trying to get up the courage to kiss roger for a week now. Him and I are really tight friends, we spend all of our available time together, and everything, he is was fun, and way hot.

So, we are just relaxing, kicking it in Logan and Naima's room, and we were alone. Just yesterday he told Naima that he liked me, so I thought I was doing good.

I was way nervous, and I was debating whether to kiss him or talk to him. I decided to just be blunt and be like, "can I kiss you?" His reaction was the equivilant of a deer in headlights. "Naima told me that you two had a talk and that you liked me and I like you and I was just wondering if you did..." "No, not really". Great. Open mouth, insert foot. It was sooooo bad. And then I was like, "well, I didn't want to do anything because I really like what we have as friends and I don't want to fuck it up - " "Me too," he said, and then....blah. we spend all our time together, and we are all cuddly, and I don't want that to end, because all of my time I spend with him is as friends, not trying to get down his pants...scariest thing ever! I told him to just ignore the fact that I had ever said that and not to think of me differently...I hope he doesn't! Wow, I am the stupidest girl alive. Beat me now...I think I created a new shade of embarrassing tonight. He just laughed at me. Can I PLEASE be a lesbian????
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