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Snuck into AJ's bar in Corvallis last night for Andy's show with the wobblies. A few of my favorite things from last night:

-actually watching a show in a bar that I wasn't supposed to be in
-"Hi, have you met Jess?" (a girl that I had met a month ago and I love her to death and four different people tried to introduce us last night)
-the amount of people who actually hit on me throughout the course of the night. Seriously, I was totally not dressed up at all - cut off capri jeans and a purple blazer...
-hanging out with three jessicas at a bar
-meeting the girl who is obsessed with andy
-getting kissed by the 30-year-old girl drummer from the adequits
-me trying to high five the lead singer of the Headers and then the following convo:
me: why the fuck did you shaft me?
eric: you look like you are somebody's girl (I was snuggling andy)
me: that doesn't merit you shafting me. You don't remember me at all? The last time I met you you were drunk off your ass and told me I was hot.
eric: you are hot. But you are somebody's girl.
-Hanging out with girls while the guys were on stage and actually talking - I love jess!
-getting a new tattoo this morning and I love it! (It's the word "unity" in an arabian-esque font)
-actually getting some resolution in a waaaaay good way!
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